Prince Barigye’s body to reach Entebbe tomorrow

Late Prince John Patrick Barigye getting holly communion at St.James Cathedral Ruharo
  • By Abdulkarim Ssengendo

    The body “Omuguta” of Prince John Patrick barigye, will be flown in Uganda by Kenya Airways tomorrow (Thursday).

    According to William Katatumba the prime minister of Ankore Kingdom, the body will reach Entebbe Airport at 1pm, and would be received by Members of Ankore Cultural trust and government dignitaries.
    From Entebe airport, it will be handed over to Uganda Funeral Service that will take it to Mulago hospital where it will be picked on Friday to Namirembe Cathedral for church service.
    From Namirembe Cathedral, the body will be flown to Muhabura palace in Kashari Mbarara district, where it would be received in Ankore traditions by elders from different clans of Ankore Kingdom, mostly members of Ankore Cultural Trust.
    On Tuesday, Charles Aryaija Rwebishengye was announced the crown Prince for Ankore Kingdom.  Aryaija the second born of Barigye’s nine children, his mother is Denise Kwezi. His inheritance was contained in Barigye’s will he made on August, 7 this year.
    According to Katatumba, Aryaija was brought up in Kariro parish in Rubindi Sub County in Mbarara district.
    Flora Kambarara who is on cultural and media committee for the burial of Prince Barigye said that the children of Barigye were brought up in Ankore. She said that was done to ensure that they know the culture of Ankore. Barigye left nine children, five boys and four girls.
    In the past, Kings were said to have been born with signs of a king like having the sign of a drum on their hands, but according to Katatumba, Aryaija was not born with any sign.
    Aryaija studied at Taibah Junior Primary school then joined Taibah College secondary School and to Mukono Christian University where he is pursuing bachelor of Social Works and Social Development.
    Katatumba said all properties belonging to Ankore Kingdom are in the hands of government. The properties included Bagyendanwa regalia (Kings drum) which is kept in the National Museum in Kampala.
    Bagyendanwa, the royal drum, was the main instrument of power; it was believed to have been made by Wamala, the last Mucwezi ruler. This drum was beaten at the installation of a new King. It had its special hut and it was considered taboo to shut the hut.
    Meanwhile elders in Ankore and members of Ankore Cultural trust have condemned the allegations that Barigye’s body had been confined in Nairobi over failure to pay hospital bills
    “We read in one of the local papers that Barigye’s body had been confined in Nairobi over failure to pay hospital bills, how can the whole King fail to pay just hospital bills? Those talking bad things about Barigye are enemies of Ankore Kingdom,” Said Mzee Humphrey Kategaya.
    Kategaya, is Omunyankore and general secretary of Ankore Cultural Trust, he worked as court clerk at Kakiika Sub County in Ankore Kingdom during Kayaha II and Gasyonga Kingship and also worked in the government.
    “A King cannot fail to pay hospital bills, it was ashaming to hear that King failed to pay hospital bills, such people are uncivilized,” he added.
    Another elder, George Wilson Byabashaija, assistant prime minister Ankore Cultural Trust, said that they would continue their campaign of requesting President Museveni to allow them restore Ankore Kingdom. They said restoration of Ankore Kingdom would bring unity in the Ankore region, promote devilment and revive morals in the society.
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