The King is dead

Ankole Prince Barigye dead

Late Ankole Prince Barigye and his wife Denise Kwezi in happier times. Prince Barigye passed away on Friday evening.

By Risdel Kasasira  (email the author)

Posted  Saturday, October 15  2011 at  11:52


Prince John Barigye of Ankole is dead. He died yesterday evening at the Agha Khan Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya where he had been admitted.

The Prime Minister of Ankole, Mr William Katatumba said Prince Barigye had in the past been having problems with one of his kidneys.

In March this year, he was flown to India where he underwent a successful kidney transplant in India. The prince was steadily recovering.

Barigye was crowned king of Ankole in 1993 but the Government on the orders of president Museveni immediately nullified the restoration of the kingdom on grounds that there was need to build consensus.

Mr Barigye has also been in the middle of a divorce suit with his wife Denise Kwezi and mother of his four children. The case was before the Nakawa Chief Magistrate’s court.

However, the court had advised the couple to amicably settle the dispute out of court to avoid exposing their affairs in public.

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