MRAK is a cultural activist’s movement by banyankore for restoration of the ancient kingdom of Ankore in Uganda.

The ankore kingship was abolished in 1967 by President Milton Obote’s government, In 1993 the kingdoms in Uganda were restored by the Traditional Institutions Statute, The ankore’s Prince john Barigye was crowned king of Ankole in 1993 but the Government immediately nullified the restoration of the kingdom on grounds that the kingship was mainly unpopular among most of the Banyankole.

MRAK resists the governments intended denial of the banyankore’s right of belonging on false claims based on personal interests of the kingdoms enemies. Answers to False and baseless ant bugabe claims noted •

That the kingdom is un popular among the banyankore:- This is a false claim that has no ground of proof, because there wasn’t any massive enquiry in the banyakore communities other than some hearsay that president met some high profile people whom I believe were successful political people and not common people who would wish to benefit from the kingship. •

That the district councils should recommend the restoration:- The district councils from other regions were not consulted for restoration of their kingdoms so it still would apply to Ankore since it’s an old and main kingdom that existed before and it only required government crowning the king, kingdom recognition, returning of the kingdom properties, full authority of operation, unity and cultural practice. •

That it may cause ethnic tensions between Bahima and Bairu:- Ankore kingdom is as old as the Buganda, bunyoro and Tooro kingdoms since they all share the same ancestry origin of the Cwezi dynasty, the past history of Ankore for centuries had no registered civil dispute amongst its own subjects therefore there is no base to note that a conflict could break out if the kingdom was restored.

MRAK recognizes the importance of the kingdom as crucial in:-

• Job creation

• Cultural and moral watch

• Unity MRAK demands

• Restoration of the full status of the ankole kingship as per the constitution

• Return of the Ankore kingdom’s drums and all the royal regalia’s

• Return of the ankore properties including the kingdoms palace at kamukuzi mbarara

• Recognition of the kingdoms boundaries as per their orinality since the pre colonial era being Mbarara, Isingiro, Kiruhura, Ntungamo,ibanda and Bushenyi districts. Why we should have obugabe

• Ankore kingdom is one of the old and strongest kingdoms in Africa that lived as a sovereign entity through all the catastrophes until when the colonialists came and abolished it.

• Banyankore people are one united people with clans assigning each of them a big purpose to serve in the kingdom, these roles are so important in every munyankore’s life currently these roles are being missed hence disunity.

• Ministries, parliament (ishengero) sector chiefs creates jobs

• Palace sector gives jobs to many unemployed people as it has many departments that requires both the qualified and unqualified workers, therefore if its restored many people will be able to work and get relieved of the unemployment problem that is at a high rate in the region and the country at large mostly affecting the youth.

• The people’s royalty to the kings gives them a strong feeling of belonging and joy of nationalism, festivals and sports does allot to promote the talent in the youth as it is the cases in Buganda with inter clan’s sports competition.

• The kings counseling and guidance is of high importance in the people’s lives as it encourages them to be innovative and work to progress in development.

• The kingdom’s investments like TV and a radio stations can create jobs to the youth improve language proficiency and pride which is required in nationalism and patriotism.

• The kingdom can ease the supervision of the government programs due to its popularity and out reach capacity.

• Youth recreation programs will come up for us all

• We will regain International relations and recognition Restoration of ankore kingdom will be mainly aimed at development and culture not the old practices which are blamed of injustices and social imbalance, everyone has a right to dig a right to own cows, a right to marry whoever they wish, and work is either employment or voluntary. So no one should be worried of being enslaved or mistreated in anyway. Lets unite for our culture and development, let’s not develop to forget our history, we cannot be proud banyankore without Ankore culture and respect, reconciliation can be called to amend the past mistreatment if they happened.

Our old and powerful kingdom, our rich culture our heritage should be on the map of Uganda, Africa and the world again as Ankore kingdom. We should also yarn for the benefits we see in other kingdoms, we should protect what our fore fathers left behind with us if we are to be responsible citizens. Jealous and lack of cooperation should get out of our lives, tolerance and love should govern our hearts, and we should liberate our minds by going back to our natural heritage.

Lets join our hands and restore our kingdom, it’s our duty. Long live Ankore long live Uganda.

Tumwine Drake

National Coordinator MRAK


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