Ankole asks govt to reinstate kingship

Posted  Monday, October 24  2011 at  00:00

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The late Prince John Barigye was yesterday laid to rest at the royal burial grounds in Nkokonjeru, Mbarara, amidst renewed calls from Banyankole to restore Ankole kingship.

A sombre mood that engulfed kingdom royalists soared on Saturday evening when hundreds of mourners thronged Muhabura, Kariro in Kashari, the king’s palace, to pay tribute to the late prince.

The pro-obugabe supporters and royals also asked the government to return the royal drums to the kingdom.

The regalia were confiscated by government under the Amin regime in 1967 when kingdoms were abolished.

Prince Edward Kiraka, a brother to Barigye, told mourners during the funeral service at Ruharo Cathedral that the need to restore the kingship in Ankole is “unstoppable”.

“The drums can be brought and be kept here because it’s the kingdom property. We must start preparing for the restoration of Obugabe,” he said.

The Kabaka of Buganda, Mumbere of Rwenzururu, Solomon Iguru of Bunyoro and the prime minister of Busoga, sent condolence messages to the people of Ankole.

Security Minister Muruli Mukasa, who represented President Museveni, described Prince Barigye as one who loved Ankole culture.

“The nation has lost an eminent person,” Museveni said in his letter.

Prince Barigye’s son, Prince Fredrick Wamala Barigye, said it was hurting that his father died before bringing back the royal regalia.

“We have also never seen them. We only see them in the pictures,” he said.

Gen. Elly Tumwine said government should listen to those who support Obugabe.

“Now is the time for government to hear our people. What we witnessed yesterday at Muhabura and today at St. James shows this is the time, people want the kingdom,” he said.

Meanwhile, Movement for Restoration of Ankole Kingdom (MRAK), a youth pressure group, wants the coronation of Prince Charles Rwebishengye as king.

Mr Enock Isingoma, one of the leaders of MRAK, said they have started recruiting youths to support the restoration of the institution.

Our Prince did not fulfill his role as heir but he has left a generation which we have to support to restore respect and promote unity,” said Mr Isingoma, a cultural activist.

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  • afriendofbunyoro  On October 25, 2011 at 7:59 am

    I congratulate the Movement for Restoration of Ankole Kingdom (MRAK) for it fully support to Prince Charles. Yes Banyankole you have the same rights as other Kingdoms in Uganda. We are supporting You from Indonesia.

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