An open letter to President Yoweri Museveni

Your Excellency Mr. President,

Allow me first of all to offer my congratulation for your successful in managing the Republic of Uganda which under Your leadership Uganda is now growing better and better.

Secondly as a friend of  Uganda and Ankole Kingdom allow me and I apologies if I hope you to consider the following :

  1. That after the death of Prince John Barigye of Ankole before realizing His  long time dream of having his Kingdom fully recognized by the government.  who was buried yesterday and the position was replaced by his son Prince Charles, then in Ankole will occur where young people will change their roles and the older generation would be a good advisor.
  2. That as President of Uganda who truly understand the culture of the Nation of Uganda, I am sure that your attention to the Ankole is the same with your attention to the other kingdoms in Uganda, of course in relation with cultural aspects which became very important things or became a cornerstone of Uganda’s unity to date  and the future.
  3. That the success of Mr. President who does not deny it is a success to makes Uganda as the most stable country  in Africa, at least in East Africa. This stability would be more viscous if the President’s attention to the traditional leadership in Ankole will be equally  attention to traditional Leaderships of  other Kingdoms in Uganda, especially when Uganda became rich Country because of the natural resources that have been blessed by GOD, with unity then later Uganda will not become an arena of  business competition of the  multinational companies.

Based on the above description, I Datuk Sir MYR Agung Sidayu, Bt, DRK, KRSS  a friend of Ankole Kingdom in Indonesia, allow me to look forward to Mr. President for giving a  rights of Banyaangkole to regain their self esteem the Recognized ANKOLE KINGDOM . I am sure you would consider this important thing by granting the recognition of The Kingdom  for the sake of unity and prosperity of Uganda in general.

To ALLAH Subhanahu Wataala alone  all be returned.

Sincerely Yours

Datuk Sir MYR Agung Sidayu,Bt,DRK,KRSS

Jalan Pinus 5/1. Melati Mas Resindence

Tanggerang Selatan – Indonesia

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