People of faith laughed, sung, ate’ in solidariTEA with each other in Uganda

I am glad to share with you our solidirTEA event that took place last evening in Kauga Village Mukono Township.
It was a very joyful moment, well attended by all the people I invited. Hosting this event was so beautiful seeing people of different faiths; Muslims, Catholics, Seventh Say Adventists, Anglicans coming together to honour the 10th – 20thDecember SolidariTEA campaign and issues regarding the Millennium Development Goals particularly putting an end to extreme poverty  with in their communities. with a cup of tea keeping us warm whole evening.

It’s unusual for people of different faith to join for such an event and to share knowledge, experience and eat freely. I thank the almighty that our Muslim friends were able to be with us and eat with us without any scepticism.

The event started late a 6:00pm East African time, we opened with a prayer that was given to us by Hajji Rajab Ibrahim a friend and an Elder in “Masigid Nour Mosque in Mukono” ,then everyone introduced themselves.


The majority were young university students, we then introduced the Topic of the evening “DONT YOU THINK THE WORLD NEEDS ALITTLE MORE SOLIDALITEA?

I asked everyone to look at his or her Flier, and tell they team what they thought,  if they  would join people in the rest of the world in this campaign of bringing the world together   and how they could use their faith to help fight poverty, conflict, disrespect and much more.

Everyone was willing to say a word and express their views , with cup of tea in every ones hand  people shared ….wow it was so beautiful when it came to this.

People of faith laughed, sung, ate and vowed to join the rest of the worlds in the campaign. We still managed to fundraise 100,000 Ugandan shillings which is roughly 50$ and we all decided to use it to organise another meeting of this kind but bigger where everyone will invite 4 people of faith and come up with an idea on how one can use our faith to fight poverty and Meet the MDGs. We closed our event with a prayer from Rita Nagaddya

Buyondo Micheal

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